2 Factor Authentication (Password & USB Key)

How Does It Work?

Step 1:
We supply a encrypted USB key.

Step 2:
We configure your systems to only allow access with your password and the USB key together.

Step 3:
Your systems are now protected with Two Factor Authentication.

Why You Need 2FA!

Your systems / services can easily be compromised by viruses / malware and security breaches.

This means hackers can get access to your bankings, emails, windows login, google, amazon, facebook etc.

We can install 2 Factor Authentication which would only allow access to your services if your password is correct and the USB key is inserted into the computer you are using.

This will protect you from Phishing attacks, Virus attacks and security breaches that are out of your control.

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We are offering a free confidential review of IT systems and infrastructure.

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Video – Your password & USB key are required for access.