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– Guaranteed 5 minute response time
Proactive maintenance.
– Low IT support costs.
– Qualified Salford IT engineers.
– We speak plain english.
– Onsite within 1 hr.

Professional IT Support in Salford

Spicy Support offers a vast range of IT Solutions to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes – from a small office of to large-scale enterprises in Salford.

If you are looking for a partner to work with your business in developing solutions to help your business grow, talk to Spicy Support with confidence. Our team are highly qualified local engineers located in Salford, but also understand the IT support your business needs.

One of the assets that make Spicy Support stand out above the crowd is that we talk your language. In choosing and developing our team members, we have placed huge value on understanding business needs as well as the ability to communicate effectively with our clients.

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Hard Drive Monitoring
Virus Monitoring
Patch Update Monitoring
Disk Space Monitoring

Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Protection
Ransomware Protection

Data Backup

Offsite Data Backup
Workstation Protection
Server Protection
Laptop Protection

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Unlimited IT Support
Pro-active Maintenance
Patch Management
3rd Party Vendor Support