Alarm Systems

What you get?

– Hub Control Panel

PIR Detectors
– Door / Window Detectors
– Alarm Bell
– Keypad
– Arm / Disarm From Mobile
– Mobile Phone Alerts

Domestic & Commercial Alarm System

Our Alarm System allows you to arm and disarm your system via your Smartphone. Our alarm but can be expanded to include up to 20 components allowing you to tailor the system to your building.

The wireless alarm system allows you complete control of your alarm from your Smartphone.

The system is armed or disarmed using the included Keypad or via the Alarm App and includes a pre-set 20 second entry/exit period. When the alarm is triggered a loud internal (94dB) siren will sound to alert others of an intruder and the system will alert you via email and text message.

No wiring or running cables in walls or under the carpet. The wireless alarm has a wide wireless range.

Call us on 0161 660 9762 or email to discuss your Alarm requirements.

No Running Costs
No hidden costs and no contracts.

Secure your building when you are in, with zone control.

Smartphone Notification
Receive alerts and notifications if the alarm is triggered.

No ugly wires around the building.