Terms And Conditions


“Spicy Support” shall mean Spicy Support Ltd, of Spicy Support, 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HY, Company Number 10382207

“Customer” means the company, organisation, person or persons that enter into the agreement for the supply of Support

“Users” and or “End Users” means the individual(s) using the products and or services

“Account” means the confidential file where the details of the customer are held.

“Support Schedule” means the schedule to the Agreement listing the services, products, software and or applications
covered under the agreement

“SLA” means the Service Level Agreement that dictates the Response Times provided by Spicy Support to the Customer for
Incidents and the availability / regularity of services.

“System Audit” means an assessment of the customer system(s) by an Spicy Support in order to gain the necessary
understanding of the System for Spicy Support to be able to supply the required level of support.

“Vendor” and/or “third party software vendor” means the company who has designed or developed the software.

“Equipment” means the equipment specified in the Support Schedule.

“Roaming Computers/ Users” means a workstation, mobile communication device or user that is not permanently located
at the Customer’s site when the workstation or mobile communications device in question is owned by the Customer and
is part of the Customer’s domain.

“Server Instance” means a network, email or other server, whether physical or virtual.

“System” means the network, software, Server Instances, or any other item being maintained under the Agreement as
defined in the support schedule of the Agreement

“Software” refers to the Software Products specified in the Support Schedule. “Software applies to all parts of software, to
new releases, updates and modifications of the software.

“Our representative” means any employee, agent or subcontractor of Spicy Support or other third party.

“Change(s)” mean a modification that is material or otherwise that alters the hardware or software configuration of the
System defined in the Agreement.

“Remote support’ means any support given to you by us that is not given on site.

“On Site Support” means the provision of support services by Spicy Support at the customer site(s) as specified in the support

“Customer Site” means the Site or Sites specified in the Support Schedule at which the Customer operates the System defined in the Agreement.

All returned goods must be returned in the original packaging.

All telephone calls are recorded.

All prices exclude vat.

Web design time scales are an estimate and Spicy Support cannot be held responsible for any delays. Any time scales given for any service provided by Spicy Support are an estimate.

You agree to not cause damage to any of our equipment, configuration or anything provided by Spicy Support.

Spicy Support has no liability in connection with or arising from your use of any services provided through and via Spicy Support.

Managed service contracts does not include/cover any consumables such as toners, drum kits.

Managed service contracts cover Monday – Friday between the hours of nine in the morning until five in the evening and excludes bank holidays.

All labour prices exclude any parts needed.

Website domain names transfers may take thirty to sixty days working days to complete, In this period customers make experience loss of email and website services whilst this transfer is taking place.

Any work completed out of these hours via remote control or by an engineer onsite will be charged at one hundred pounds per hour.

Any onsite engineer that is requested will be charged one hundred pounds for the first hour. This includes the callout fee. Any further hour’s onsite will be charged at fifty pounds per hour.

A call out fee of one hundred pounds will be charged if an engineer visits your site and no work is carried out or the request /call out cannot be fixed or resolved.

Our call out charge is applicable to every situation and every onsite visit. When you allow an engineer to visit your location / site / office, you are also agreeing to the standard call out charge to be applied of one hundred pounds.

There are no exceptions to the call out fee.

Any time spent onsite or via remote out of our business hours of nine in the morning until five in the evening Monday – Friday will be charged at one hundred pounds per hour.

All parts or goods that are returned are subjected to a forty percent restocking fee. There are no exceptions to this forty percent restocking fee. The restocking fee will become due for payment seven days after the helpdesk ticket date.

In no event shall Spicy Support be liable, whether in contract; warranty, tort (Including negligence), product liability or any form of liability, for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages (Including without limitation any loss of data, Interruption, computer failure or pecuniary loss) arising out of the use or inability to use of any of the services provided by or through Spicy Support.

Spicy Support does not with express, implied or statutory; make any warranties, claims or representations warranties or quality or performance or fitness for use or a particular purpose of any services provided by or via Spicy Support.

Spicy Support further does not represent or warrant that the services provided by or through Spicy Support will always be available, accessible, uninterrupted, timely, secure, accurate, complete and error-free or will operate without packet loss, any connection to or transmission from the internet, or any quality of calls made through the services.

Spicy Support will not be liable for any such disruptions, delays or other omissions in any communication experienced when using the services installed or provided by Spicy Support.

Spicy Support expressly excludes any warranty as to the suitability, quality or reliability of the services that they will be fit or suitable for your purposes.

You agree to fully indemnify Spicy Support against any liabilities (Including such things as legal expenses, losses, costs, calms and damages).

Any invoice not settled within our payment terms of seven days of the date on our invoice will be referred to our debt recovery agents and will be subject to a surcharge of twenty percent in lieu of our recovery charges.

Managed service contracts must run for a minimum of twelve months months from the date of you setting up the direct debit.

Managed service contracts will continue to run after the minimum twelve months months until the customer cancels the contract in writing via recorded delivery only.

We can only accept recorded delivery cancellations to ensure that we have all cancellations.

We will refund the cost of the recorded delivery cancellation postage charge at the standard royal mail current prices at the time of cancellation. This will be refunded after sixty days of cancellation date.

The customer has the responsibility to cancel the direct debit with Spicy Support after the twelve months month period.

Should the client wish to cancel managed services contract with Spicy Support any remaining payments of the contract must still be paid in full within thirty days of cancellation date.

Any payments made to Spicy Support after the twelve months month period will be non-refundable.

Spicy Support Ltd cannot be held responsible for any down time / loss of data or service.

If Spicy Support collects and delivers any faulty equipment, the customer will be charged at the standard onsite rates as displayed in these terms and conditions.

Spicy Support may at any time without notice change our terms and conditions.

When you use or communicate with Spicy Support you agree to our terms and conditions.

We will try to ensure our terms and conditions are displayed at all times, however this may not be possible at certain times.

All warranties are RTB (return to base via the customer).